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How Wikimedia helped authors make over 3000 articles green open access via Dissemin

Wikimedia projects contributor Federico Leva, frustrated at the number of pay-walled articles linked from the Italian and English Wikipedia, decided to contact their authors directly. Using the available data, almost half a million depositable articles by a million authors were found. An email was sent to each of them where possible: the message thanked them for contributing […]

White paper: Open Science in a Digital Republic

The French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), alongside its partners in the ISTEX project, as well as a large number of researchers and actors in the field of public research, have produced a  White Paper as  a result of their deliberations and analyses. For several years now, the scientific community involved in public research […]

Opening the Black Box of Scholarly Communication Funding: A Public Data Infrastructure for Financial Flows in Academic Publishing

An important article on financial flows in scholarly publishing has been published in “Open Library of Humanities”,  here.  Its conclusion is worth quoting, because it pinpoints a common problem, which needs to be addressed. In this article we have argued for the importance of a joined-up, systemic, publicly accessible picture of financial flows around academic […]

OpenAIRE: Workshop to present the first Open Peer Review Module (OPRM) for open access repositories

The official presentation of the first Open Peer Review Module for Institutional Repositories, developed with the collaboration of OpenAIRE2020 and the participation of a consortium of 6 partners, will be held on the 27th of April  in Madrid.  Visit the conference site for all the details on the conference registration and program.